Number 1 reason why a user's emails are not being sent is an "unsynced" mailbox. Here are some of the reasons why your mailbox may not be synced with hubsell anymore:

1. You never synced your mailbox

How to solve:

If you're using Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange then please follow these steps:

go to hubsell > settings > profile > click on "Connect your account to google" or " Connect your account to Microsoft" depending on your provider > log in to your account on the next screen > provide permissions to hubsell > be navigated back to hubsell


If you're using another email service provider then please follow these steps:

go to hubsell > settings > email setup > choose your email provider from the drop down > add your SMTP and IMAP setting and credentials > click on "Save"


2. You recently changed your email password

When you change your email password it voids the token that is provided by your ESP (email service provider) e.g. Google Apps or Microsoft Exhange.

How to solve: follow exactly the same steps as point 1 "You never synced your mailbox"

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