hubsell data is segmented through the status of the prospect. Each status carries a meaning and is assigned either automatically by hubsell system or manually by the User. In this FAQ, we list all the statuses that are currently present in hubsell, when the statuses are asigned and what they mean.

- New: all prospects are automatically assigned the status "New" once they have been provided into the user's account. These prosepcts, as the status says, are new and have never been targeted before by the user.

- In Cadence: all prospects which have been added to a cadence but are not yet mailed are marked as "In Cadence".

- Delivered: once a prospect has been mailed with email 1 in a cadence they are marked as "Delivered".

- Bounced: if a prospect bounces due to an invalid email they are marked as "Bounced".

- Opened: if a prospect one of the emails they have receive they are marked as "Opened".

- Auto: Prospects reply with an automatic reply such as Out of Office, Sick-leave, Paternity/Maternity leave etc.

- Unsubscribe: When a prospect asks for a unsubscribe or clicks on the link to unsubscribe.

- Replied: any reply which has not been analysed for sentiment is marked as "Replied". Any reply status stop follow up emails in the current cadence to the marked prospect.

- Replied via other contact: if the prospects states in their reply that a colleague of theirs has replied or is in touch with the your company they marked with this status.

- Replied Neutral: Postponement - if the prospect states that they are willing to take the next steps, follow call to action, reconnect at a later date AND do not state they are not interested, then they are markd as "Replied Neutral: Postponement".

- Replied Neutral: Referral - if the prospect states that they forwarded the email to a colleague or tell you the name/email of the colleague but don't make an introduction they are marked as "Replied Neutral: Referral".

- Replied Negative: Wrong Identity - if the prospect states they are not the right person but does not forward / connect you to a relevant person OR states that they are no longer in the listed position they are marked as "Replied Negative: Wrong Identity". Accounts/Companies to which a prospect belongs with the status Replied Negative: Wrong Identity are qualified for re-targeting.

- Replied Negative: Not Interested: if the prospect states they are not interested in your service/call to action then they are marked as "Replied Negative: Not Interested"

- Replied Positive: Next Stage: if the prospect replies with a stage progressing reply as per your call to action then they are marked as "Replied Positive: Next Stage"

- Replied Positive: Referral: if they prospect introduces you to a colleague who is more relevant then the prospect is marked as "Replied Positive: Referral".

- Finished: if the prospect has never replied after receiving all of the follow ups in the current cadence and 5 days (default - can be changed) have passed they are marked as "Finished". Accounts/Companies to which a prospect belongs with the status "Finished" are qualified for re-targeting.

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