The prospects that are delivered in your hubsell account are marked with status called "New". These prospects are ready to be added to campaigns by following these steps:

Go to data section of the software and select (if not already selected) the "prospects" tab. 

Select the "Status" filter button on the top left of the prospects table and select "New" to only aim for prospects which not yet targeted by any campaigns.

You can select 1, more than 1 or all of the prospects which are filtered. You can select all propsects by clicking on the referring button:

Once you have selected the prospects you can click on the buttons called "Campaign" and "Mailbox" to add the prospect to the selected campaign to be sent from the selected mailbox.

Once you have selected both click on "Add to campaign."

If there are a lot of prospects being added it may take the system some moments to add the prospects. Once the prospects have been successfully added, a message will pop up on the top left of the window.

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