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Dynamic placeholders (IFTTT) and how I can use them
Dynamic placeholders (IFTTT) and how I can use them
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hubsell's templates allows the user to create highly customized messaging that conforms to the recipients based on the if-this-then-that logic. Inside the hubsell terminology a formula relying on if-this-then-that logic is called a "dynamic placeholder".

Dynamic placeholders can be written in a conditional statement describing the "If This" part where the "Then That" part is action or result part. 

The conditional statement is written by using 

an operator: and, or, not

a parameter: contains, eq, ne, lt, gt, lte, gte, isEmpty, isNotEmpty

a criterion variable: department, seniority, industry, location, company size, and more

a criterion value: e.g. name of the department


The syntax of the IFTTT in hubsell is as follows:

{{ }} - are used to create a conditional in a chain of conditionals

() - are used to provide combinations of different operators, parameters and criteria

'' - are used to provide criterion values

#if - starts the chain of conditionals

else if - adds a conditional in the chain

else - ends a final conditional for the rest cases

/if - closes the chain

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