1. Click on your icon on the top right corner and select ‘my profile’

2. Click on ‘Connect your account to Google/Microsoft’ to integrate an existing email account and follow the setup process

Alternative way for non-Google/Microsoft users

If you don't use Google Suite / Microsoft you have to set up your account manually.

1. Go to ‘account settings’ > ‘email setup’ and select your email provider.

2. Fill in the SMTP and IMAP information and click the yellow button below to ‘Check the IMAP and send a verification email’.

Additional set-up steps

1. Go to ‘account settings’ > ‘email setup’.

2. Set your timezone, define a CC or BCC for your emails (if needed) and add IP addresses to exclude from open tracking.

3. Finally, add your signature as HTML-text and then click on the ‘Toggle html / Rich Text’ button.

Only images from a live URL can be added to your signature.

Your email setup is done. You can now go over to the next step: 'how to add accounts to the blacklist'

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