In order to send e-mails with hubsell, your first step will be to connect your email account with hubsell. 

So let's get started!

1. Go to my profile. In this user setup you can connect your existing Gmail or Microsoft account.

2. The fastest way to get started is by connecting your existing accounts. Just click the referring button and follow the Google Suite / Microsoft setup. 

Alternative way

3. If you don't use Google Suite / Microsoft you can setup your account manually. To do that, please go to account settings and email setup and select your email provider.

4. Once you've chosen your email provider, fill in the required SMTP and IMAP information. Don't forget to click the yellow button below to check the IMAP and send a verification email. 

5. Scroll down to set your timezone, define a CC or BCC for your emails (if needed) and add exclusions for open tracking.

6. The last and very important step is to add your signature. We recommend to fill in your signature as html-text and then toggle it to rich text by clicking the corresponding button.

Adding images to your signature can only be done by adding them from URL. The referring step-by-step-guide can be found here

After this your email setup will be done! Congratulations : ) 

You can now go over to the next step which is: 'how to add accounts to the blacklist'

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