• Go to data > segments and click on create a new segment

  • Name your segment, choose your segment type and define the requested number of leads. Then, click on next which will send you back to the segments overview.

segment types

  • provider sourced data is the kind of data which hubsell sources, provides and enriches for your based on the criteria shared in the briefing
  • user sourced data is the kind of data that has been sourced via your social media account and will only be enriched by hubsell after your approval
  • user import is data that has been imported by you via a CSV file (check out this article for more information)

  • Click on your newly created segment to define the targets. Type in each target variable and choose from the dropdown menu.

Define the target industry(ies) e.g.: Computer Software, Mining etc.

Define the target prospects by seniority level e.g: CXO, Director etc.

Define the target departments e.g.: Business Development, Sales etc.

Company sizes
Define the target company sizes e.g.: 2-10, 201-500 etc.

Define the target country(ies) e.g.: UK, Germany etc. 

Any other important criteria that you may have can be filled in here.

Finally, click on save profile and the segment will now start extracting and delivering data.

You have now created a segment and can go over to the next step which is 'how to approve sourced data'

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