The segments are the centerpiece of hubsell. From here you will gather new prospects and in the long run reach out for new customers. So let's take a closer look on how to create a new segment.

1. Go to Contacts > Segments and click on Create a new Segment in the upper right corner. 

2. In the appearing menu you have to name your segment and define the requested number of leads. After you've done that and clicked on Create you will be sent back to the segments-overview.

3. When you click on your newly created segment, you will go over to define the targets of the segment. Start by choosing your targeted region from the dropdown menu at the top. Referring to the region the bars below will become prefilled, nevertheless you can still make adjustments. 

Type the industry you are aiming for and choose them from a dropdown menu.

Define the seniority-level of leads you want to gather. Several options for the keywords are possible (Like Chief or CEO).

Define the departments you are targeting, options could be Sales, Marketing and so on.

City (optional)
If you have a specific city in your selected region, which you want to target, you can define it here. Note: if your market is not specific to a city then please do not add cities in the field as it will generate false negatives.

Define one or multiple countries regarding, referring to your selected region. 

Any other criteria that you may have, which can be perceived overtly and are important specifications for your segment can be filled in here. 

Congratulations! The segment will now start working.

You can go over to the next step which is 'how to approve sourced data'

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