After you have started a research requests under Segments new prospects will be found under Active Segments or Inactive Segments

Those Segments will supply you with a broad choice of prospects, which you can use later on for different campaigns. But first you need to approve new prospects from your Segments. So let's take a closer look on how to do that!

  1. Go to Contacts > Segments and click either Active Segments or Inactive Segments

2. Click on the yellow button beneath On Approval. You will be redirected to Data.

3. In the following overview you will find all prospects from the referring Segment. All you need to do now, is to take a closer look at the prospects, for example by screening their LinkedIn profile, and check if you will need them for further campaigns. 

4. You can single handedly accept and reject them by clicking on the thumbs up or thumbs down button on right side of the overview.

5. Another way to accept and enrich the data is by making bulk selections. You can do that by checking the box on the left side and then either approve or reject your choice.

6. To get an overview of all the stored Data, just click on Contacts. In order to filter for your required prospects, just use the buttons on the upper part of the menu. 

7. Once you've picked the prospect you want to use in your further work, you can mark, tag, export or redirect them to a certain campaign.

Congratulations! You know now how to use Data and work with your prospects. 

You can go to the next step which is 'how to create a campaign.'

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