Connecting your email account, integrating your CRM systems, choosing the right browser (it's Google Chrome) and getting your hands on segments and data are all necessary steps in order to get your hubsell going.
But the campaigns are where all the fun begins! In the following help article you will learn how to setup campaigns and how to work with them.

1. Go to campaigns and click the button "+Create new campaign" in the upper right corner of the window. 

2. Give your campaign a fitting name. Since you will work in multiple campaigns, we recommend to be as precise as possible. You also have to decide if you only want to use imported or hubsell prospects.

3. The following window will give you an overview of the progress of your campaign. In order to get started you will have to create E-mail templates. Click on Add and E-mail template. 

4. To create a successful template you need to be creative. Anyway we recommend that you always keep it clean and simple

5. hubsell uses so called "placeholder templates". Basic placeholders like for example the company name or the seniority level of the recipient can be chosen from the dropdown menu just of the input box. (check out this link for a detailed overview of the placeholders)

6. However if you want to use the "dynamic placeholders" you will work with so called if-statements. These will provide you with the option to use one template for multiple recipients with different departments, seniority levels, job titles etc. 

7. The if-statements can be accessed by typing in a handlebar like this: {

This is the basic setup for a campaign. If you want to know more about how to work with dynamic placeholders and if-statements feel free to check out the following article: Dynamic placeholders (IFTTT) and how to use them

You can also find a very detailed step-by-step guide for the dynamic placeholders here: Dynamic placeholders

Congratulations! You have created your first campaign and can go over to the next step, which is 'how to launch a campaign.'

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