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How do I import data into hubsell?
How do I import data into hubsell?
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If you want to import leads into hubsell you first have to export the leads from your own database.

1. Export your data 

  • CSV format 

Also, it must include the following columns: 

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email 

  • Company domain

  • Company name

Note: role based emails and free mailer domains are not importable.

Hint: the company website URL can be easily extracted from the email address as it is the part after the @ symbol. Get in touch if you have a CSV file without company domain.

2. Go to segments and verify that you have a segment that is user import type.

If you do not have one created, then click the plus icon on the upper right corner and select user import in segment type.

3. Go to contacts click the plus icon on the upper right corner to import contacts.

On the popup screen, choose a user profile, select the CSV file you want to import and click import contacts.

You can also add multiple files by clicking on the plus icon

If you have the corporate email addresses, you can use text-to-column feature with @ separator and extract the websites from the email addresses.

Please Note: Always use comma-separated files to import contacts and always add headers as shown in the image below:

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