1. Go to ‘contacts’ > ‘segments’ and click the green button of your desired segment under ‘Delivered’ 

2. Select your desired prospects on the left, and then click on ‘add to campaign’ on the right.

3. Select a campaign and a user, and click on ‘add to campaign’

4. Go to your campaign and click on one of the campaign’s steps and ‘edit’. Then activate the slider that says ‘This action is Active’.

Remember also to customize the time and weekly sending days, and the delay between emails according to your needs.

Perform this for all the actions in your campaign and do not forget to save all changes.

5. Go to ‘campaigns’ and click on the play button of your campaign under ‘status’.

You have activated your first campaign and can go over to the next step, which is 'how to set up A/B testing.'

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