The first thing you will notice when you open hubsell is the broad variety of metrics and statistics that will help you analyze the outcome of your campaigns. The metrics in the main menu give you an overview of the general success with hubsell, but for a detailed insight we recommend that you check out the data in the campaigns. You will find them in the upper half your campaignwindow. 

In the following article we will explain to you what those metrics mean and how to interpret them.

  1. In Cadence: The total number of mails that will be sent out. It is also usually the sum of recipients in your campaign.
  2. Emailed: The number of people who have received a mail from you. 
  3. Delivered: The number of mails that have been delivered. This number may differ from #Emailed if a sent mail bounced.
  4. Open Rate: The sum of how many of your mails have been opened by the recipients.
  5. Auto Replies: The number of mails that have been answered with automated mail.
  6. Replies: This figure tells you how many of your recipients answered your mails. A good reply rate should be about 15% or more.
  7. Positive Replies: The number of mails that have been positively answered. A good positive reply rate should be about 3% or more.
  8. Neutral Replies: The number of mails that have been neutrally answered. In this case you may need to keep the conversation with your prospect going to turn the maybe into a yes. A good neutral reply rate should be about 3% or more. 
  9. Bounces: The number of bounced mails. This could for example happen if the email address was incorrect. A success oriented campaign should have a bounce rate of no more than 5%.
  10. Unsubscribe: The number of recipients who wanted to be unsubscribed from your email list. 

At this point you probably wonder why we don't display the number of negative replies. The reason for that is easy, since this figure can only be approximated by distracting the sum of all replies from the number of positive replies.
We also don't display this figure because it would be incorrect to assume that all neutral replies are either positive or negative and then display this number. 

Please note that the open rate will get distorted and therefore falsified if you open your sent mails. hubsell will register this as a valid opening and in order to avoid this we recommend that you whitelist your IP.

Congratulations! You are now onboarded and ready to rock the world of outbound sales! ;)

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