The main dashboard displays the metrics of your campaigns which allow you to analyze and optimize for better results.

Let’s breakdown the different metrics.

# New: the number of new prospects in ‘contacts’.

In Cadence: the number of emails waiting to be sent out in your campaign.

Emailed: the number of emails you sent out. 

Delivered: the number of emails received (Emailed - Bounced emails).

Open Rate: the number of emails opened (should be >40%).

Auto Replies: the number of automated email replies (e.g.: OOO emails).

Engagement Rate: this rate is calculated by adding 75% of all positive to 25% of all neutral replies

Replies: the number of replies received (should be >15%).

Positive Replies: the number of positive answers received (should be >3%).

Neutral Replies: the number of neutral answers received (should be >3%). 

Bounces: the number of bounced emails (should be no more than >5%).

Unsubscribed: the number of recipients who wanted to be unsubscribed from your email list.

To examine the results of the actions in your campaigns follow the next process:

  • Go to campaigns, select your desired campaign and toggle the slider indicated in the photo from edit to stat.

  • Click on the action you would like to analyze and you will be able to see its metrics.

You are now ready to use the tool and if you’d like to learn more about using hubsell, then click on the following links:

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