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How do I use Dynamic placeholders?
How do I use Dynamic placeholders?
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The following article is a step by step guide on how to use hubsell’s dynamic placeholders. They allow you to create various texts automatically depending on the prospect you are targeting.

  • Go to campaigns > open a campaign

  • select a campaign point > edit

  • Type in a bracket { and click on If Statement.

  • Select the If variable of your choice

  • Select equals or not equal to. This is the bridge that connects the If to the then.

  • Click on the corresponding then variable

  • Now you can either add another condition, add a final else or finish the placeholder. Before finishing, we always recommend including a final else for the automation to fall back in case there is no match for the variable that you have established.

  • The placeholder text for the If variable by default is TYPE TEXT HERE which you can edit to your requirements

  • click preview message to check the email

This is how to add hubsell’s dynamic placeholders into your templates.

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