The following article is a step by step guide on how to use hubsell’s dynamic placeholders. They allow you to send various texts automatically depending on the prospect you are targeting.

  • Go to campaigns, click on your campaign and click on ‘edit’ in a specific action.
  • Type in a bracket { and click on If Statement.

  • Select the If variable of your choice correspondent to a data point

  • Select equals or not equal to. This is the bridge that connects the If to the then.

  • Click on the corresponding then variable
  • Finally, click on [Add text]
  • Now you can either add another condition, add a final else or finish the placeholder. Before finishing, we always recommend including a final else for the automation to fall back in case there is no match for the variable that you have established.

The specific placeholder text for the If variable is by default TYPE TEXT HERE which you can edit to your liking.This is how to add hubsell’s dynamic placeholders into your templates.

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