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How do I invite colleagues to hubsell?
How do I invite colleagues to hubsell?
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As you scale up your process while working with hubsell, it will sooner or later be necessary to get more colleagues on board. So how can you invite people to work with hubsell?

  • go to settings > team

  • click the plus icon on the upper right corner

  • a bar will appear, allowing you to invite new team members

  • type the work email address of your colleague you want to invite.

  • click the + icon to send the invite

  • invite multiple new members by adding their work email addresses

  • the invited user will receive an invitation link.

  • clicking the link in the the user will be forwarded to a Sign Up screen

  • the link expires after 48 hours but can be recreated by our customer service

All that has to be done now is to give this user a name and a good and safe password. 

Congratulations! Now you're not alone any longer in your hubsell tool.

And always keep in mind: There is no "I" in "Team" ;)

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