Once you've approved data in your segments it will be enriched and quality checked in one move. Naturally you will be able to monitor the progress of this process, which will usually be finished after two days. Let's start by looking at the numbers in the segment section and what they mean:

Data that you approved as "Accept"

QC: Accepted data that resulted in fully validated data

Delivered: Data that was / is delivered throughout the history of the segment including the new ones

Rejected: Opposite of accepted - data that you approved as "Reject"

New: Data that has been delivered AND is untouched by the user

If you click on the green number below "New" you will be taken to a page with only new prospects. You can easily add those to a campaign.

Enrichment and QC Process

At hubsell we only enrich the data that you "accept". However from that "accepted" data there is a portion that will not be delivered due a variety of reasons:

  • the profile collected was not updated
  • the person's email cannot be validated
  • some other issue

Let's say ~10% of the accepted data will be lost.

So let's assume you had 100 in "Accepted":

90 of them will result in the quality check (QC) and 10 will remain in "Accepted" to a certain point and then will be marked as lost (you won't see them anymore)

The ones which land in QC will be sanity checked one last time and released into your account with the status "New"

During this process the number in the QC will fluctuate due to the following reason:

  • When a prospect is sanity checked and pushed to delivered the QC count will decrease
  • When a prospect which was accepted is enriched and validated successfully they are moved to QC and the QC count is increased.

QC is done in bulks of 50 or 100 (ideally) so that there is a steady flow of data.

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