Next to hubsells strong email automation you can find our sophisticated LinkedIn automation tool. In this article I want to give a brief example what a typical LinkedIn-only campaign can look like. If you want to better understand how to create campaigns in general, please check out this article


In this example you will find a basic campaign structure including:

1. Profile visit

2. LinkedIn Connection Request

3. Linkedin Message I

4. Connection Request withdrawal task

5. LinkedIn Message IIĀ 

Let's have a closer look into each of these points

Profile visit

hubsell automates a visit to your prospects LinkedIn profile, aiming to get his/her attention

LinkedIn Connection Request

Send a connection request to your prospects. hubsell detects whether your requests are accepted or not

LinkedIn Message I

This is usually a short message saying "thank you for connecting" or "thank you for accepting my connection request" with the purpose of making your outreach appear more organic/natural

Connection Request withdrawal task

If your connection requests remain unaccepted or were rejected, we recommend to withdraw the pending requests after a certain number of days. With an automated task you can set yourself a reminder for your connection requests.

LinkedIn Message II

This is typically the main message of your campaign. In it you want to transport your products / services / campaigns values and allow your prospects deeper inside into your company.

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