Different from other mailing tools, in hubsell you need to add images from URL to your signature. Adding them as an image from your hard drive is not possible. Since we've often been asked how to do this, you will find a full explanation in this article.

1. As already mentioned, it's only possible to add images from URL. So in order to do that, please open your preferred image in a new tab an copy the URL 

2. Go to Settings > Email Setup

3. When you scroll down, you will find two text editors for your email signature. In your mailings you can choose which one to use by using the placeholder {{signature}} or {{signature2}}

4. Click on the image button just above the text editor and add the URL 

5. After this you will find the image in your signature, yet most likely it will not have the correct size. Resizing works easiest, when you simply drag the image in the correct size by click the bottom right corner of the image.

6. This method, however, will leave finding the correct size up to your sense of proportion. A more precise way is by toggling the signature to html by clicking "</> " left from the image button.

7. The parameters "width" and "height" define the size of the image. By changing them, you can adjust the measurement of the image. 

8. The last step is to hyperlink your image with homepages URL. For this simply mark your image and click the hyperlink-symbol right next to the image-button 

After this last step, don't forget to hit Save.

Congratulations! You can now successfully add images to your signature :) 

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