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When hubsell started in 2016 we imagined it as an all-in-one solution, that starts with the best prospecting software you can find and ends with a flawless mailing and campaigning solution. After good years of learning and experience we decided to split up those three connected pillars into two separate ones and offer an elegant solution for every company's own use case.

Since the mailing and campaigning solution is distinct from prospecting, we offer the outreach section on a monthly, user-based subscription model and the data section easy and freely purchasable in the form of credits.

The consumption of those depends on your respective method of prospecting, i.e. requesting leads. Following we will give you an overview how hubsell charges for this process.

  • user sourced but hubsell enriched contact - 1 credit

> By using the hubsell plugin or connecting your social media account with hubsell, we want to encourage you to choose preferred prospects on Sales Navigator yourself. Your approved prospects will be enriched by hubsell and delivered within two days.

  • hubsell enriched contact with valid email but enriched by hubsell - 0.5-1.0 credit

> When you import prospects into hubsell you have the option enrich the given data with the variables that hubsell provides by default at the cost of 0.5 credits per contact, with the option to have custom data for 1.0 per contact.

This use case is only possible, when the necessary info for import is already available. Please check out this article to see if you fulfill the requirements.

  • hubsell sourced and enriched contact generated on demand - 2

> This is the classic hubsell method of providing our users with prospects. You create a segment to request leads in your preferred branch and region, and hubsell will deliver raw data within one day. After you have approved these, we will deliver those fully enriched prospects within two days.

  • hubsell sourced with multiple manual qualifications and enriched contact generated on demand - 3, 4 or 5

> This is an expansion on top of the classic hubsell method of providing users with contacts however from markets which are not easily accessible or require multiple qualifications prior to be sourced. Please do note that these are rare cases and only applicable for less than 5% of all segments ever created in hubsell.

note: credit usage for hubsell sourced contacts is dependent on the amount of work involved

Credits are subject to validity period and must be used with that period. The default validity period is 12 months unless otherwise agreed upon.

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