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How do I merge campaign tracks?
How do I merge campaign tracks?
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Merging campaigntracks is the next step in interconnecting your outreach. Let's start with a diverging "open: yes / no" email-track.


Based on the criteria (opens) and the condition (yes or no), Email 1 can either result in ∆ Email 1, which is a reminder to my first mail, or Email 2, which is a follow up, providing additional context to my former message.

In this scenario I want my prospects to receive Email 2 after they have received ∆ Email 1. I do that by hovering over ∆ Email 1, clicking on the + icon and pulling the connection string on the campaignpoint I want to connect. 

The final result will look like this: 

Building and creating a sophisticated campaignflow allows you to reach out with multiple touchpoints over separate channels. A complete campaign could look as follows, crossing channel borders and connecting platforms over the course of several weeks: 

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