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How do I set up the administrator account?
How do I set up the administrator account?
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If you are your accounts administrator, you have access to a wider range of settings in your account. In this article you find an overview to your options and links to the in-depths explanations.

To start, please click on settings > company profile

company profile

In the company profile you can fill in the information of your company


By connecting your CRM you enable hubsell to automatically push prospects into your database. We do support the following CRMs:

  • freshsales

  • Hubsport

  • pipedrive

  • Salesforce

Please also check out these in-depth articles:


  • settings > suppression

At some point it might happen that you need to add one or more of your prospects to suppression list. This page allows you to conveniently add those prospects domains either one after another or multiple at once via a CSV file.

Also please check the following in-depths article


As the administrator of your account, you're able to manage your team by inviting new team members, assigning roles or deleting them.

  • in order to invite new members click on plus icon on the right corner

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