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How do I create field mappings?
How do I create field mappings?
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By creating a field mapping, you can navigate which data will be transferred into hubsell . Let's have a closer look on how to create the field mapping:

  • go to your integrations

  • click on setup field mappings

  • select the data type you want to share between the platforms

  • Define a field mapping for the specific entities by creating if-this-then-that variables.


In the image above you can see the field LEAD ID on the left side below Lead Salesforce. This is a standard field in Salesforce and the information stored in there has to correlate with the field Salesforce Id on the right below Prospect hubsell.

In order to synchronize these two fields, we need another operator, which can be found in the image on top in the center: Push to salesforce. In the image above I've set it to always which means, every prospects will always be pushed to hubsell, no matter its status.

Alternatively you can set hubsell to only push data to hubsell when the prospect has a specific status.

New fields

In my image on top you'll find the standard mapping with all standard fields between Salesforce and hubsell. However you can also add new fields to the mapping by clicking the + icon on the bottom and create two correlating fields. Also please choose the field type field.

For more information how to use and apply the other type Text / Formula please feel free to reach out.

Congratulations! You now know how to create field mappings :)

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