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How do I delete contacts and segments?
How do I delete contacts and segments?

a short article on how to remove data from hubsell

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Removing data from your hubsell account is a step best well thought through, since once it is deleted, it is lost. To prevent unintentional dataloss, we decided to differentiate between data type and whether it can or can not be deleted. Let's dive right in and take a closer look at the data types and deletion process

Data types

Following you will find hubsells data types and a brief explanation on its deletability

hubsell sourced

This data type can not be deleted. Neither unapproved, nor delivered data. The reason for that is, that these contacts have been sourced by our team and respectively purchased and paid for by you. Every deletion would lead to making the data unobtainable and with the underlying credit value of your data we want to make sure, that as long as you hold a hubsell account you have full access to your purchased data and services.

User sourced

This data type can be partially deleted. Sourced and unapproved data can be deleted, enriched and delivered data can not be deleted. As with hubsell sourced data, the important part is whether or not the data has underlying credit value, which means that for example a sourced segment can be deleted, as long as It does not hold any enriched contacts.

User imported

This data type can be deleted. In general it is possible to delete imported data, as long as it has not been additionally enriched by our team.

Deletion process

Since it is most important for us to avoid accidental data loss, it is not possible for the user to delete data himself. All data has to be removed by our tech and support team and will be thoroughly checked before the process is initiated.

Purge of data

Please note that with a discontinuation of your contract, hubsell will purge all data 30 days after the contract termination. We advise to make sure to have all data exported and / or saved in your CRM system. Later reobtainment of purged data is not possible.

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