Enrichment Use Case
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When you import prospects into hubsell you have the option enrich the given data with the variables that hubsell provides by default at the cost of 0.5 credits per contact.

This use case is only possible, when the necessary info for import is already available.

For further help you can check this article on How do I import data into hubsell?


  1. Create a user import or hubsell enriched segment.

  2. Import your contacts list into that segment.

  3. Select the segment and click request enrichment in the menu.

The usual delivery time for accepted data is two business days. Depending on the amount of accepted prospects the total delivery time can be exceeded but hubsell will make sure to provide sufficient prospects to start your campaigns within two days after prospects approval.

Note: a minimum of 250 contacts are required to be worked on.

Note: additional points can be requested other than the default variables hubsell provides however that will increase the cost of credits per contact processed to 1.0.

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