When you import prospects into hubsell you have the option enrich the given data with the variables that hubsell provides by default at the cost of 0.5 credits per contact, with the option to have custom data for 1.0 per contact.

This use case is only possible, when the necessary info for import is already available. Please check out this article to see if you fulfill the requirements.


  1. The user creates a user import or hubsell enriched segment
  2. The user imports data into segment
  3. The user requests enrichment by selecting the segment and clicking request enrichment in the menu.
  4. The accepted prospects will be moved to Accepted temporarily while they are enriched and validated
  5. Once hubsell has finished the validation with a confidence of 95% or more the prospects will be delivered and provided in the Contacts tab in the Data section of the software.
  6. The usual delivery time for accepted data is two business days. Depending on the amount of accepted prospects the total delivery time can be exceeded but hubsell will make sure to provide sufficient prospects to start your campaigns within two days after prospects approval.

Delivery Requirements

  • Less than 100 accepted contacts are not worked on automatically, unless specifically asked for by the user. The absolute minimum is 50.
  • If enrichment for a segment with less than 100 prospects is requested, please make sure, that no further prospects will be added and accepted.

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