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How to create a search?
How to create a search?
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A search in hubsell is a section where you can source your prospects via the LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

In hubsell

If you want to create a search the first thing you need to do is create a segment. In here, the segment type has to be user sourced

In order to create a new search please take the following steps:

  • go to segments > searches

  • click plus icon on the right

  • name your search

  • select the user (user has to have access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

  • select the target segment

  • select number of prospects (hubsell advises for 100 prospects per search)

On LinkedIn

  • Go to your LinkedIn account > sales navigator

  • Click all filters on the top right corner to filter for your vertical

  • Please define your vertical. For example: whereabouts, industries, functions, etc.

  • Now that you have created your search in Sales Navigator, examine your outcome and then copy the URL to your clipboard and add it to the hubsell search and click on the create new search.

Once that is done, now you'll see your search section has been 'queued' which means your search will begin the next morning. In case you are in rush, please feel free to click on the play button.

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