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How important is qualitative outbound lead generation?
How important is qualitative outbound lead generation?
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You may face many consequences when you focus on too much quantitative lead generation.

Things to look after while sending emails:

  • Avoid using the role-based email address (info@, hello@)

  • Sending emails from a third-party provider

  • Mass emails

  • Generic copy

  • Spammy words in the subject of the email

  • Make it easy for the reader to 'unsubscribe'

  • Use the full, real name of the addressee (e.g. “John Doe” <[email protected]> )

Email sent in bulk is not a good sign, mostly when you send the same copy to all the prospects. In order to establish trust with your prospects, you need to explain what’s in it for them, why you’re contacting them.

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