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Importance of email deliverability and open rate
Importance of email deliverability and open rate
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Email deliverability and open rate are related to each other. Some of the elements of email deliverability of open rates are:

Bounce rate

A hard bounce occurs when an email is sent to a wrong address and a soft bounce can happen when the message is rejected, etc.

The bounce rate should not be more than 5%.

Sender's email

Prospect's email

Subject line

  • Keep the characters around 60.

  • Don't use capital letters and exclamation marks.

  • Avoid spammy words.

  • Use short subject lines, Example: 'quick question'

  • Tell the prospect, what is in it for them.

  • Time intervals between 1st emails and the 2nd

  • Send 25 to 100 emails per mailbox.

  • Use multiple mailboxes.

  • Country law: GDPR is also a very important part to acknowledge.

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