How to use 'activities'?
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hubsell provides you a feature to schedule activities. These activities will be sent to you as a 'task' in your CRM or you can find them in hubsell.

How to create 'activities' in hubsell?

'Activities' in hubsell is always condition-based. For example: If your LinkedIn connection request has not been accepted for a few weeks and withdraw it. You can take the following steps to add an activity:

  • Click the LinkedIn campaign point

  • Select the regarding criteria

  • Select an action by clicking the task > custom

  • Click add follow up

You can also define your task by taking the following steps:

  • Click edit

  • Define your subject line and placeholder

  • Click save changes

There is another alternative option to schedule an activity. For example: Your email has been opened more than two times within one day and here you can ask hubsell to schedule a phone call for you. You can do that by taking the following steps:

  • Click emails in your campaign point.

  • Add your criteria

  • Select an action by clicking task > phone call

  • Click add follow up

  • Define your subject line and placeholder

You can find these custom tasks scheduled under campaign > activities.

How to change the status in 'activities'

When you have received a response from your prospect and you want to change the status of your scheduled activities, here is how you can do it:

  • campaign > activities

  • scroll to the right

  • click on status > done

  • select a status > add note > change status

Other uses of 'activities'

You can also check your regular activities of your campaign by applying filters for any particular user, campaign, status, type, date

For example: If you want to check your last message sent, you can check it by taking the following steps:

  • go to campaigns > activities

  • here you can filter your campaigns and message types

Now you know the multiple uses of activities, If you want to learn more about using hubsell, then click on the following link:

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