hubsell contacts are sourced via manual data processing and the information is collected from the public sources. The email is generated through an internal process.

In such case we recommend not to answer the recipient's question directly but instead "over-apologize" for the mail and the interruption and also make sure, that you unsubscribed him/her and deleted his/her company as well as email addresses from your database. Furthermore, you can explain that the email was generated by using his/her full name and their company's website domain.

´╗┐Your response should include following points:

  • thank for the question

  • over-apologize

  • make clear to unsubscribe him/her and the company's email address.

Once, you explain everything in detail, there should not be any question left from the recipient's side and you can simply unsubscribe the email address.

To know how to unsubscribe a prospect, please check out the following article:

How do I manually change the status of my prospects?

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