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How to add images to my emails?
How to add images to my emails?
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If you want to brighten up your messages with an image or if you want to send a christmas card or greeting card to all your favorite customers this little trick will help you.

However, sending a jpg. as an attachment to the email is not possible with hubsell because it generally increases the spam rating and often emails with image attachments go to the spam folder.

Although, it is possible to add an image with a little workaround as follows:

  • Host the image, that you want to attach, on your website

  • Go to settings > email signature

hubsell allows you to work with two different email signatures. For example: If a user has a company with separate entities.

In order to add the image to your emails, go through the following process:

  • open email signature 2

  • click on add image

  • click save changes

  • go to your campaigns and open your campaign point

  • toggle the slider from stat to edit on the upper right corner

  • Add the following placeholder to show the image on the template: {{signature2}}

PLEASE NOTE: In hubsell, every user who wants to add an image to their emails has to create a 'second signature' with it. Otherwise, the text will just show: {{signature2}}

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