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How do I check which contacts 'replied'?
How do I check which contacts 'replied'?
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In order to check the prospects who engaged with you throughout the campaign, following steps will help you further:

  • go to your campaign's contact (article)

  • click on status > replied

  • apply all the replied filters

    Following you can find the list of all replied filters:

  • Replied Neutral: Postponement

  • Replied Neutral: Referral

  • Replied Negative: Wrong Identity

  • Replied Negative: Not Interested

  • Replied Via Other Contact

  • Targeted Via Other Channel

  • Replied Positive: Next Stage

  • Replied: Referral

  • Replied

  • click apply filters as shown in the image below:

  • all your contacts who engaged via the campaign will appear :)

    If you want to check more statuses and their exact definition, you can check out this article:

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